Professional Tank Cleaners was established in August 2009 to help and educate people on the health hazards caused by dirty and unsafe water tanks and water.

A thorough cleaning provides a cleaner, healthier and safer water source for all requirements. One may ask a simple question how?

We exercise extreme caution during our cleaning/service. Cleaning a water tank is incomplete when a mere washing and draining is carried out. Bacteria, germs and other unwanted harmful organisms stay embedded in the roof of a water tank. When a normal washing is done these organisms still remain and continue to dwell in the tank.


We use the latest technology to carry out our service. Drain pump, Slurry pump, Industrial High pressure washer, Wet vacuum cleaner and UV Germicidal Irradiation Lamp are employed to deliver the best standards of cleaning.


All members of our staff are technically qualified to operate the equipment and deliver the best cleaning process to all our customers. They have a thorough knowledge of handling the various difficult aspects of water tank cleaning. We have adequate man power resources.

Safety Equipment used

Oxygen meter, Gumboots, Safety shoes, Helmets, Harness, Rope ladder, Exhaust fan, Miniature circuit breakerand a residual current circuit breaker.